The sad fact that there is bullying all over the world

Some people seek a land of happiness
People seeking developed countries from their home countries in poverty
People who want to migrate abroad and want to enrich their lives
However, there are bad events and sad cases in developed countries
I think that it is wrong to decide things only by the image

Reasons for abandoning overseas migration

I am planning to start farming in my home country a few months ago
I mean in the future I want to die in nature while farming in my home country
The reason I gave up moving abroad was because I was able to understand a solid theory
Imagine various things when I feel ill
I have doubts about making dreams come true on the premise that there are various real problems
And stared at myself
Basically I myself can not stand crying at night of the child
And I myself can not stand the attitude of the child who resists
So I can not prepare for the cost of going to university
Tax, social background and foreign culture issues

1 I have to carry Asian identity until my death
2 I can not be white
3 I can not be black
4 I can not be Hispanic
5 I can not be a Latin American
6 I thought that I could only follow my destiny because I was obsessed with the certificate of Asian people

You know I have no choice but to work to enjoy this game of killing time
So I think the mission of the day’s work is a game
Surely I think that I can grow up by being troubled with the construction of human relations

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