Business and public interest

Business and public interest

I feel that I need to grasp the public interest.
It’s never good to think only about your claims.
So I’m thinking about the public interest.

Opposite sex
Making money
overseas trip
Entertainment consumption

These are never things to make life better.
But the public is really interested in them.
When you watch YouTube videos, everyone is talking, eating and drinking.
Everyone is responding to public demand.
On the other hand, I am not responding to public requests.
So my video views are low.
I understand this fact and make a video.


Everyone is always looking for fun.
That’s why fun YouTube channels are so popular.
I only watch videos that have serious discussions for self-development.
Youtube video is used as a radio.
And I don’t have the courage to do vulgar deeds.
We recognize that popularity is a short term phenomenon.
Gaining popularity is wrong, because popularity happens by accident.
I think getting long-term popularity is very difficult.
Low-profile content quickly gets boring.


The feeling of wanting to fall in love is short-circuited.
I think a temporary impulse is a love.
And I think it’s interesting to make a video that mixes love and the global environment.
However, romance is never good for me, who is basically pushing the population down.

No profit

Most people are not interested in profitlessness.
I’m in a deserted place to avoid people gathering in useful places.
Nobody comes to a pointless place.

I can’t let go of freedom

Well,…. I want freedom.
But people who don’t want to be lonely.
Today’s dinner is hamburger steak.
I can’t eat both hamburger steak and steak.
But people want to eat both menus tonight.
This is a desire.


It is necessary to understand the public interest in order to do business.
But I think creators should create without thinking of business.
So inevitably the result is that I’m unpopular.
Basically I never get rich.
I will enjoy poverty all my life.
So I think it’s more difficult to keep on responding to the demands of the world than to live in poor life.

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