can not sleep


can not sleep

I have insomnia.
This is not a recent story.
I have been insomniac regularly for several years.
He has been creative for eight years.
I fell into insomnia while I was creating a painting.
And I can’t feel drowsy even if I feel full.
So I have no choice but to rely on sake.
But I can’t afford to buy a dollar of sake in financial distress.
Therefore, I am seeking drowsiness due to physical fatigue.
I try to appreciate the time I’m awake because I can sleep forever someday.


It’s terrible in the afternoon when I can’t give up my negligence.
But I can’t stop creating.
I feel physically lazy because I am getting nutrition at a low cost.
Suffering from so-called unhealthy conditions.
And I went to a shopping center in search of a summer resort, but I’m physically tired.
Therefore, there is no choice but to create it at home.
The environment that creates ideas is still on the go.
A relaxed place in the house is not suitable for creators.
I’m just drinking an unusually large amount of water.
It’s for health.
That’s why I often go to the bathroom.

Despair Quotations

Humans cannot afford to hear beautiful things when they are in despair.
Expressions and quotes of sadness and anger motivate you.
And we have to regain reason little by little.
Beethoven’s Despair Quotations heal very wounded wounds.
After all, I can’t afford to read a feature-length novel or essay.
Therefore, I have no choice but to change my mind and return to work after listening to a sentence.


There are no wildfires in Japan.
The reason is that Japan is an island country that belongs to a hot and humid area.
Things have their advantages and disadvantages.
It is exactly the demerit of humidity that causes mental and physical damage.
I want to live in an arid area, but I have no choice but to take a cold bath and manage my physical condition.
Moisture does not interfere with sleep, but the surface of the computer or table is uncomfortable.

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