Sunday morning

I lived on the farm farthest up the valley and closest to the woods On the hill behind the barn I had planted a few sunflowers. These were the only sunflowers in the my yard, and they all my friends were known it. Whenever I went down the road to Continue Reading

Katy perry

Katy perry san I don’t like such an arrogant comments and remarks in publicity very much. The era of pop music that usual populous music comes from not rebel hearts or unsocial identities it is likely 70’s rock music scene. The modern cultures and internet business yields a lot of Continue Reading


Turkish people & yasunari The nation turkey for me is…. Overall, the home expenses of Turkish a day is … One day, I was starving to death. Then I try to take a look at some food’s shop. That was kebab. Kebab is kind of world’s populous food and young Continue Reading


Broken hearts As you knew that a lot of celebs got divorced at once and it happens each year, this is unbelievable news and also ridiculous things of one. Getting divorce is an ethnical problem and surely the legitimate resolution between two persons and nobody is able to hail them Continue Reading


Entertainment Life was born. Life is going to grow up day by day. Body to kid. Kid to man. Man to old man. Finally life is gone. On procession to death, our thought is directing fun time, entertainment. We can’t allow to accept realistic or life’s conclusion or something like Continue Reading


Youtube Perhaps it was a single entertainment for the modern person and a true incident that has been enjoyed by all the public for years. Dramatically IT programs always processing while we don’t noticed. In my case, how to know about such an importance breaking news is instead of television, Continue Reading


immigration & refugee & population I wanna meet and live with refugees in my country. I already prepare to discuss about immigration with refugees. I am a single person who’s kind of global communicator in English. I would have accepted any religion, race, cultures, for meeting. But I know that Continue Reading

Teenage marriage

Teenage marrige As is often the case with them, … They a couple of teenager got married to each high school sweetheart finally. Young people are probably not able to look at things from parent’s point of view. I think they don’t wanna anyone to get in the way of Continue Reading


Diet To keep early hours makes us healthy as well. It goes without saying that time is money, waste time not. Taking too many supplements does more harm than good . Your hard work will bear fruit for sure!! Image of your owning fatting fluent thing. OK? And change your Continue Reading


ZEN Ce la vie Sometimes my mind needs to be billed to develop my mind, as I am not good at deciding one option from many sections and it is my imperfection. We gonna have to take own time for freedom Living with another oneself and need to have such Continue Reading