Realistic idea

My word today Realistic idea If you don’t make efforts in your youth, you will struggle in old age. So I think I have to struggle in my youth and invest myself. Oh my god, tired of competing. It suppresses and ignores the pleasures of others. He neglects eating and Continue Reading

The pain of birth

The pain of birth I find it difficult to create a masterpiece. I can’t come up with interesting content. I am struggling to express while pursuing originality. I am happy to be working lonely. I only want to post good videos. And it eliminates the idea of ​​mass production. I Continue Reading


My word today Do your job at the company roughly Someone said that you don’t need to hard work for company. Basically you don’t have to commit your company or communities as much as serious persons. Uhhh.. sorry I don’t know why am I telling that. Living roughly is goodness Continue Reading

Small decision

My word today You can make a small decision to leave the company I don’t know how exactly your living is. Well General citizens are always going to work for living or going to school for get good job. If you don’t like it, you can leave easily as you Continue Reading


My word today Even if you join a large company, you can’t get ahead You don’t need to get good job for good salary. Amount of work equal amount of salary is not good enough for us I think so. If you intend to work so hard and long time Continue Reading


My word today If you don’t live while playing, your future will be dark I just wondering. Uhh.. I don’t trend to allow to waste time and money for pleasures basically. But you know that we need to have refresh time to adjust mind. I think my personal character is Continue Reading

Distributed work

Distributed work Distributed work of animation production Process Character Design Background design Produce character expressions Move character I feel that human concentration is less than an hour. Providing quality products requires a long production period, and I think it is important to abandon mass production. For example, the music industry Continue Reading

Stop working is goodness, stop thinking is crisis

My word today If you don’t want to work, you don’t have to work It’s basic thing that you don’t have to work so hard and paying sacrifice. I just serving in a communities and society and I know how important thing working is. But you know working without purpose Continue Reading

How to regain your concentration

How to regain your concentration sleep motion I’m currently making an animation in a room in a countryside apartment. It is very difficult to maintain mental unity because it is close to a lazy life. I worked at a fast food restaurant every morning until recently, but now I’m working Continue Reading


My word today Proposal is necessary to work freelance As a this title that for all freelancer might have many proposal to get demands from clients. You know It’s absolutely different between employee and freelancer. There are differ point of both of two and let me explain about it. Employee Continue Reading