Saturday evening

Saturday evening When I was named various body parts in English, I could not made it. Now I do making Animation movie to post youtube and then you have to name each symbol body parts of animation characters. All body parts of name I didn’t know Forhead pupil Eyebrow Eyeshade Continue Reading


My word today I don’t get a pension, so give up and work until I die Are you accumulating annuity premiums smoothly? Perhaps a monthly notice of future pension benefits is sent out by the Pension Service. Well I hope to get pension monthly from pension office in future as Continue Reading


My word today If you get tired of acting, you can quit Please don’t be too strict with yourself, but don’t be too forgiving, I warn it. Uhh.. we need to adjust work and home, friends and families. Right now I am confusing to take boring and painful daily repetition. Continue Reading

No wasting

No wasting for healthy unnecessarily actions chat in train drinking alcohol except wine meet old friends shibuya’s halloween study abroad to America joint with mainstream Wasting means consume Minimum food’s cost What I prioritize is default time to make creation. It’s food’s cost first. My current life-style is almost look Continue Reading

Bad guy

My feature songs Bad guy by billie I don’t care by ed and justin Scrambling rock’n roll of 12inch version by yutaka Tokyo joe by bryan I’m gonna be by the proclaimers Billie eilish In fact I’m not her fan and not being listener of pop music. There’s only feature Continue Reading


Cosplay I have never tried to cosplay before. Well I just having very curious for joining with cosplay. You know what I saying it over and again is that you should connect hobby with occupation. I feel like it will be able to connect doing cosplay with fashion design or Continue Reading

Make up with power

My word today Make up with power I am not intelligence person originally. So I have to live in a competitive society with effort, guts and action. Record of challenges to new things 1 Having started Judo 2 Having started Wrestling 3 Having challenged to learn sound consoling 4 Having Continue Reading

5 minutes animation

5 minute animation Video of traveling abroad An animation movie of about 5 seconds per frame is made. The software I use is Adobe Anime CC 2019. It’s a very useful software for making videos for around $ 26 per month. Work progress It’s about 7 hours a day. First, Continue Reading

Mental stability

My word today Mental stability is achieved by strength training I don’t used to use gym to train basically. The reason I don’t strengthen my strength is because I don’t feel the benefits. I would imagine it so. Mental stability is. If I don’t get things right or are worried, just Continue Reading


Healthy After back to hometown from kawasaki that I made change everyday lifecycle since 4days ago. I have started creating animation movie to post youtube and then I bought Adobe Anime CC for it and right now hanging on it. Two times meal a day My bed time is almost Continue Reading