Challenge the ASMR !!!

Challenge the ASMR

I knew that I could sleep well by listening to the soothing sounds, but I had never actually been an ASMR provider
So I tried to try to provide a pleasing sound to the viewer by eating cabbage and natto and washing my hair.
The first challenge of ASMR is tough and I am not used to eating raw vegetable cabbage
However, I did not hesitate to challenge because youtube viewers know that there are many people who love ASMR
Youtube video contributors are loneliness video providers and I’ve been posting over 100 of Youtube so far, but that’s not easy enough
One famous Youtuber gives great advice and Youtuber’s starting line is from over 100 videos posted
I created an account for Youtube in 2016 but I didn’t feel like posting videos at all
However, I started to post Youtube videos in the summer of 2018 in order to challenge new things that kicked me off the company last year
At first I was under exposure to keep my own personality, but I started to change the video content in consideration of cost performance and life
Basically I try to post a video that speaks in English, which is to make the world a market
I simply felt that it was meaningless to share videos with only Japanese people in Japanese, and that it was not a global idea
Anyway, if a funny idea comes up, I am doing a series of tasks such as shooting a movie and editing it later
I have a principle not to stock too much video, sometimes I post several videos a day
We simply recognize that enjoying Youtube videos is the same as enjoying movies and TV dramas
I used to be addicted to movie watching and rented foreign movies at weekly rental video stores and watched only movies at home everyday
However, renting a rental video costs money and youtube videos are free and I feel that cost performance is very good
Being able to watch foreign news programs and old movies on Youtube, I am satisfied with the state-of-the-art information gathering method

I want to share because even the meaningless video content is fine

After all, the contents of the various YouTube videos are like some of the minor daily life and family birthday parties
So I think it would be nice if I could think of a script and share a few minutes of events to make a movie
I’m aware that my YouTube Youtube channel is unattractive and inconvenient
However, I may only want to record and show publicly how something is being told or acted in the space of life
I am not afraid of violating my own privacy I am already bored with a solid, ordinary way of life and want to be a special being
Everyone imitates the model by singing in front of the camera and playing the guitar
My desire to make a video in a unique way of expression and have everyone evaluate it may be a foreign thought
Life is always being swept up and down and we feel like we live in harmony with our mood
I don’t feel threatened with billions of video views like Justin Bieber because I’m familiar with the power of the Internet
I’m just a general public who enjoys video production simply, not wanting to gain views and subscriptions
A musician who has been dominated by the music business must provide a bad song without being able to creatively
I think it is necessary for creators to prepare a certain amount of savings because they do not want to create only the monthly earnings

I think everyone should play in the social media arena

I think it is lonely to enjoy the product of the provider from the standpoint of a lifetime
I think we should always try and compete as active players to seek a sense of fulfillment
Certainly the real problem is severe, but we feel that we should throw away various unnecessary things and invest in our potential
In the time of day, I try to keep my actions and leave no regrets
I want to keep the ambition of a boy who is satisfied with my stupid video content and not pursuing profit

There it is!!! ↓

Thanks for watching!!!!

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