Challenge to cold shower in winter


Challenge to cold shower in winter

It’s not just to reduce gas bills.
Metabolism must be promoted to prevent obesity in situations where it is difficult to sweat.
This is the first time to go to bed on the floor in winter.
It is confirmed that it will be a very severe winter season.
Everything is self-sacrificing for the art of creative activity.
The future of self-sacrificing suffering is not bright.
But I’m not longing for a robot with a heart.
I will continue to pursue unanswered questions.
It defines that there are no anniversaries and no temporary uplifting is necessary.
The tranquility of the city at night is my dear existence.

Shower only

Is it strange to think that making a large amount of hot water will make global environmental problems serious?
I think I’m practicing to become homeless before I become homeless.
But that’s not the horrifying future.
I believe in the depiction of a homeless starving on the roadside being carried by an angel.
It’s okay because I haven’t forgotten to thank you for taking a shower.
This month’s gas bill was $ 7.
This is a basic charge and means that you are not using gas.
You don’t have to use gas.
But he hasn’t broken his contract with the gas company in case of emergency.
I could wash my body in less than 30 seconds and this month’s water bill was $ 20.
By the way, the electricity bill was $ 18.

Not seawater

Decades later, you’ll see people living in stilt dwellings.
You must always experience everyday while wiping out the stickiness of seawater.
I gargle and drink water while taking a shower.
It is people’s power to use the water in the park as their own drinking water.
Can I wash my face with seawater?
People who are playing in the sea are strange because they feel the cleanliness of the filthy seawater that came from the ocean.
But I expect it to be an impulse of desire.

I want to feel my body temperature

I don’t feel 36 degrees exactly.
However, I can’t feel the warmth of the surface in normal physical condition.
It is that the work of pouring warm liquid into the body through the mouth makes the body function inadequate.
I feel that the existence of an adult who kills the motivation of independent boys and girls is an artificial drug or any artificial thing.
It’s a story that leads to the theory of feeling something about living.

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