Change little by little

Change little by little

Do not do the same.
It is the same behavior, behavior and judgment.
Every little change evolves into a big change.
On the other hand, I watch the people who are choosing the same behaviors, but on the other hand, I admonish myself as a teacher.
Bad samples are always posted on the internet.
I feel the stupidity of the public that there is no change in the videos and images that I see after a long time.
I change my running course, training menu and lifestyle every week.
It’s a temperament to me.
Doing the same work and being self-satisfied has not evolved.
I am thinking in various situations with intervals.

2 hours of work to complete one frame of 4 seconds

Do not seek self-satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment with effortless work.
And you always have to train between activities.
The colors and shapes are changing little by little.
And I want to express a realistic story.
You must not follow the example of the precedent, and you must use your own expression.
Because it is an unprecedented expression, there is no doubt or conviction.
I’m not interested in a world where you can just press the record button on your video camera and speak.
But there is demand for it.
After all, I think that humorousness is lacking in the values ​​and judgment standards of the masses.


There is no hesitation in running casually with a shaved head or shirtless.
First, the appearance may be changed.
It is only necessary to change from the appearance and finally change the inner surface of the human little by little.
You cannot gain growth by working at the same pace and in the same place or in the same place.
I don’t shop or walk, minding everyone’s breath and smell.
So that I have a lot of dissatisfaction, but I must live in a spirit that I have no choice but to act.

We have experienced this scene in the past

Have you ever encountered the same scene many times in the past?
That is proof that it has not changed.
Conflicting decisions experience a very unpleasant mood.
A nervous person feels resistance to making appropriate actions and judgments.
But if you want a change in your life, the courage to kill a natural judgment is important.
There is a sense of security in the same behavior and natural judgment, but there is no change in growth or life.
I myself feel stressed by people who do not want to change.
And so I can’t live with a sense of security or immutable humans.

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