Changing awareness and values

Changing awareness and values


Before reading the philosophical book, I was trying to draw a lottery for immigrants to the United States.
It’s a very stupid plan and a stupid attitude.
I feel unusual about the feeling of moving to the United States this year, the beginning of the Corona Festival.
I used to study theology.
The degree of recognition gained by studying the new school book was different from that of the general public.
As a result of a series of wise decisions, I was able to start my current creative activities.
However, going on to higher education alone cannot make you think more like a wise man.
I completely delayed the progress of my creative activities in August 2020.
And I went to the library for a change of pace and as a summer resort.
He wanted a rational trend in a quiet library reading room.
When one’s sense of purpose is distracted, it is the cause of repeated vague work and a harsh environment.
I was able to get a good book at the library.
Well I brought my laptop, finished some simple video editing, and started reading the Philosophy Primer.
From there, I was able to gradually correct the recognition level.

The first experience is an emotional animal

I think a masterpiece is a work that impresses you with what you have experienced many times.
And I was able to read the philosophy book and change the way of creative activities.
So I was suffering from ever-changing awareness and values.
However, if we can obtain the correct degree of recognition and values, we can say goodbye to the mental distress caused by perception.
There is no choice but to read many good philosophical books in order to gain full recognition and values.

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