Cherry blossoms


In some countries where it is forbidden to watch flowers while drinking alcohol outdoors, Japan is allowed to drink while watching flowers. It is very pleasant to drink and talk while being surrounded by the bright pink scenery. I enjoy the season of spring while thinking about daily life while feeling the breath of the New Year. To feel the cherry blossoms while graduating and new enrolling people are thinking about various thoughts is to relieve stress from daily busy life. I want foreigners to experience Hanami for the first time, and I hope they can enjoy Hanami together. There is a trash can in the large park, and if you keep order, anyone can enjoy the spring feast without any problems. There were a lot of people doing cherry blossom viewing on weekends in a large park in Tokyo, and I was feeling the flow of beggars at Shibuya Station. Actually I had a flower viewing after an interview on yesterday’s holiday, but the area around Harajuku Station and Shibuya Station was very crowded, and a lot of foreigners had come to see a flower viewing. However, I could not feel the flower viewing while feeling the warmth because it was still a cold season, but it was good because I could shoot various landscapes. Many of the foreigners had the impression that they were enjoying chatting with a beer while standing under a cherry tree, and many of the young people were playing soccer or taking a walk on a dog in the large park grounds. I think that the cherry blossoms are still blooming next weekend, and I hope that I will be able to visit various spots next weekend to see the flowers. I would like to think logically while praying to God so that I can get a job quickly while praying for fine weather next weekend. It is possible to grasp the labor situation in the forefront of Tokyo by doing job hunting, and it is effective to learn the habit of train commuting, and it becomes a good aerobic exercise by walking a lot in Tokyo. I got a brochure of faith from the Christians at the entrance of a large square in the city, and I was able to warn myself anew, so I have to work hard to find a good job again. It’s quite uneconomical, so the economic situation is so difficult that I can’t watch flowers while drinking alcohol this year. Hanami’s feast, which had a group asking for a delivery of pizza, had a procession in the bathroom or was bustling, would be extremely stressful.

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