Cherry blossoms


Cherry blossoms begin to bloom

It is no surprise that the color of the wonderful pink flowers is beautiful and the number of people enjoying spring breath has increased. It was relatively cold today, but it is also a good thing in the spring season when the flowering season and cold remain in the warmth of spring. I’m still unemployed but I think I want to drink while watching cherry blossoms in a large park at the time of Hanami. I have to finish my homework to enjoy Hanami on a holiday, and now I want new shoes now. Due to the start of the new year, we have to get on a packed train in early April and have never taken a commuter train. In western countries, I think that September is a new start time, but in Japan the start of the new year is April. It seems nostalgic that it has become a new class and new entrance and advancement in elementary school days and good for the New Spring period. However, it’s because I’m stuck that I can’t get a job right now and I strongly recognize that I have to think of my life in a long-term plan. I think I have to make more practical experience and connections, and I think I have to think of the future more constructively. Recently I am making a video work using free sound effects, but I think I have to use pay sound effects to make higher quality works. I work on a daily basis with the recognition that a good video camera and video editing software must change and have a rich sense of expression. It is a good thing to have a flower viewing while feeling the desire to be in love while feeling the breath of spring, and I expect that the middle of next month will be the peak of a flower viewing. I’m thinking of taking photos of cherry blossom petals and cherry blossom trees with a macro lens and uploading them to a blog.

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