Child support obligation

Child support obligation

The creative life is established because there is no obligation to raise children.
Marriage can still regain a self-invested life by divorce.
There are certain conditions there.
It’s that I don’t have my own children.
Self-investment is possible after fulfilling the 23-year child-rearing obligation.
I don’t have the confidence or determination to undertake an unconditional 20-year or longer solidarity guarantee.
There is no courage to have children in the face of the ever-growing earth and society.
I hear that courage is justice and timidity is evil.
However, the timid evil attitude changes to justice so as not to make a wrong decision.
This is a strange story.
However, it is necessary to deal with the troubles of children other than the obligation to raise children.
I am in great agreement with the declining birthrate and aging population.
And I think there is absolute rationality and correctness there.
Convinced by the attitude of a dirty adult driving a car with the mental burden of paying monthly high school tuition to a disgusting child.
Abstinence is a suicidal act in a life that cannot escape stress.
Global warming and political conflicts are okay for adults in a stressful state of mind.
It is not possible to apply for an exemption from child support obligations.

Birth and $ 100,000 University Fees

When I hear the birth, I think of preparing for university expenses.
I want single people to maintain their single status.
I don’t know the annual income of parents of children in shopping malls, but the annual income of a household living in my countryside is about $ 35,000.
By 15 years, her husband is struggling to make $ 100,000 in college funding.
It is personal freedom to justify it as a lesson in life.
However, one life is a set with a crippled and restrained life in which resignation or change of job is not allowed.
I feel a big gap between my single status and the emotional judgment of the world.

Creative obligation

There is a child-rearing obligation as an adjunct to the birth of physical pleasure.
I also have a duty item.
It is a duty of creation and a duty of learning.
Obligation to suffer from abstinence and poverty naturally rests on me.
I strive to maintain them by wise habituation.
They have the same obligations and pains as parents with a spouse.
Which category is more difficult, child-rearing duty or creative duty?
It is determined by individual sensibilities.

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