Things to think before Christmas

I think that he is somewhat heterogeneous among a single Christian, but the reason is that I have doubts about the day event for the existence of Christmas. As well as Halloween ‘s recognition Christmas meaning for people in the public I have a doubt and most people do not understand the meaning of Christmas day probably as a party celebration day I think only to think. I think that Santa Claus and Christmas gifts are set as a big cake and it is considered a symbol of the day of Christmas but I think that the day of Christmas is not a special day. The Asian human consciousness that is missing a little about religious spirit is a simple celebration and has a happy Christmas day and honor of Christianity to the Western religion is not enough for Asians. It seems a bit blasphemous to celebrate on a day when people who do not seek sacred places such as temple or church seek spiritual peace or pursue true intention once they use the name of religion once each year. It is a fact that there is human existence only with the presence of God and its recognition is not wrong.

The values of my existence have changed a lot recently. I always had the doubt why I am alive now but I came to recognize that we are being utilized by God. I have come to think that I am playing my role as much as I can receive my role as myself from God, and doubts about my view of life have gone away. Though the baptism of Christ early brought the moon over 5 years ago, I surely believe in Jesus Christ existence and believe that my faith will not change and I will not mind staying. I think that every single day is a Christmas day and I can think that there is no special day and I appreciate what I live in my daily routine life I think. It is quite difficult to always be conscious of the existence of God in the everyday universal life, but by stopping and changing it will return to the origin and foster love for God as well. I do not know whether the feeling of closure among modern human society today is the innovation that occurs in the process of evolution of technology and human beings but the world where human society is occluded surely is beginning to spread. In order to support the foundation of life everyone else working everyday can not thoroughly intensify the intent, but can have thought of their existential existence by having a little room in spare time. When I bought a Christmas cake on Christmas Day and opened Champaign and it made me excited happily I could not sustain a happy life and I will not be able to make progress in the future. Everything starts from recognizing the invisible existence of God and you can see the intent of life by reading the Bible.

I can not think that everyone is celebrating obediently Jesus’ birthday on December 24. We appreciate what Jesus Christ died for human sin and we should acknowledge the fact that God’s love is absolute. Miracles do not happen just because you love God or respecting someone and tedious daily life just keeps on going. It is more important than always to love God to recognize that this world is all dominated by devil Satan and not to be dominated by the demonic world. We are like a kind of blind lost lamb and we constantly pursue philosophy and live as desire. The political and philosophical controversy is empty and you only have to trust with love only God. It might be good not to flock to the mass but to think about life and existence significance by becoming alone when becoming alone to solicit loneliness. The trend that human beings are being brainwashed by the mass media is always the age, but the present morals of humans are felt mechanically.

I want to have everyone recognize God’s existence as a chance to check again through Christmas day. The truth eyes of ours are hidden by the hands of evil Satan. Humans existed not by mere coincidence nor human beings were produced by the power of God. Christmas Day is an important anniversary as a day to finalize these intentions on the last day of the year and I think that everyone should feel happy as a day of appreciation.

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