Cleaning in your heart


Cleaning in your heart

What defiles the mind is unnecessary information.
However, in order to input world information every day, it is necessary to input unnecessary information.
Each time disgusting knowledge causes mental damage.
So I have to clean my heart every day.

Cleaning tools in your heart

1. The essence
2. Quiet environment
3. The front and back of things
4. Disadvantage

Disgusting information is the material of pursuit of essence

Mass media lie that America is a wonderful country.
High monthly medical insurance costs.
Consideration for gun society and white blacks.
Los Angeles, where only ladies look ugly.
There is no Marilyn Monroe there.
Celebrities only marry celebrities or the rich.
American companies do not have Asian CEOs.

If you feel uncomfortable with the information, that is your chance.
In other words, you can get the moment you can see the reality.
There is essence there.
And there is the present, and there is a difference between the ideal and the present.
If you fulfill that wish, you will always have a problem after a few hours.

Do not envy, pursue the essence

The essence of cleaning in mind is to regain reason.
Enriching sensibility over reason risks creating many problems.
It is non-human creatures that cannot maintain reason than sensibility.

You need to clean your mind every day.
I clean my mind every time I go online.

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