Clear appeal

Clear appeal

A clear purpose is the most important thing for an artist.
What is the message the artist wants to convey?
The psychology of the victim, who had a very specific complaint, was a hint.

Youtube platform court

For me, the YouTube platform is a court.
Anyway, I have a strong desire to appeal.
The victim who feels it the most is the victim.
His passion is expressed in a court called Youtube.
It’s just a matter of appeal being changed to expression.

A good way to express is to have a clear appeal and purpose

Things get simpler, and you don’t have to worry.
I don’t understand the current trends and attitudes of the artists.
Love, love and friendship are very vague.
That’s why I can’t express my love-themed works.

The theme of expression in this era is global environmental issues

We can affirm that human evolution and invention are over.
In the future, no flying car will be invented and no time machine will be developed.
The future path of humankind is to pursue the richness of the heart.
And the development of industrial products is nonsense.
He wants to minimize the number of factories, reduce the number of cars he holds, and so on.

I will not die if I try and fail

rest assured.
You will not die if you try and fail.
So please quit the company.
Please separate from your lover.
And please divorce.
So please give up childcare.
Discard everything now and live a challenging life.
If you tell everyone with passion and a clear appeal, they will understand.
God understands before that.

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