Climate change cannot be prevented in 2030

Climate change cannot be prevented in 2030

I recently read Greta’s essay.
It read it all at the bookstore.
And I was able to understand a little about Greta’s background.
I don’t know the main subject of Swedish, but it’s a well-translated book.
According to the book, 2030 is said to be the impossible time limit for climate change prevention.
Is that true?
If that is true, it is a story that the destruction of humankind will be confirmed within 10 years.

Stupid creatures, humans

I think it is necessary to imagine a lifestyle after 2030.
The soaring prices of vegetables due to the effects of typhoons affect human health every year.
The days of welcoming the morning in a nervous state continue.
The morning of being nervous and clicking on the latest news articles on the Internet continues.
I haven’t been able to have a really pleasant morning lately.
Every time I see an explosion depiction or a photograph, the tension increases.
Is this abnormal?
Am I funny?
The facial expressions of the masses still seem to be peaceful and alive in search of fun.

1.I think they and I have the opposite emotional tendencies.
2.I am reminded that it is a mistake to really yearn for an economic power like the United States.
3.I was once a victim who was brainwashed like them.
Until a few years ago, he played humans as stupid creatures.

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