Climate change

Paris and Tokyo have the same temperature

Youtube channel video has Eurotv and subscribed yesterday.

I felt it was a very convenient news agency for news programs that broadcast information from around the world.

Natural disasters, murders and political struggles are taking place every day and I feel the hardness of urban concrete.

I do not want to enrich human relations because I know the difficulty of living together.

There is no doubt that the acts of modern humans full of carnalism are steadily deteriorating the global environment.

There are specialists who argue that the earth’s resources are sufficient but I can not believe it.

I will advocate lifelong solution for all problem solving is to reduce population.

I was concerned about the temperature of the cities in the world as the climate of this time was gradually getting steamy and hot.

Eurotv regularly reports the weather forecast around the world and I checked the temperature difference between my country and other countries.

  • Mid-April climate
  • London 22 degrees
  • Paris 24 degrees
  • Budapest 19 degrees
  • Kiev 17 degrees
  • New Delhi 38 degrees
  • Bangkok 36 degrees
  • Hong Kong 28 degrees
  • Seoul 22 degrees
  • Tokyo 24 degrees

I was stunned to see this climate data.

I expected European countries to be around 10 degrees.

There is no big difference from the temperature of Asian countries and South American countries belonging to the temperate zone.

I was thinking of seeing cars running around the world every day and crowds walking towards the station.

A strike on climate change is taking place in London now.

I think that if you continue to produce products as it is, you should sound a warning that the sea level will rise and humanity’s survival crisis will occur.

I think that it can be solved if everyone united and think about global environmental problems, but their actions and thoughts are different.

I feel that the forest area is decreasing gradually due to the land conditions on the earth.

Even if you check Yahoonews every hour, there are only articles about entertainment news and new product development and sales announcements that do not fall under any articles.

Everybody is politely meeting their daily desires without thinking about their own interests and not worrying about the earth.

I think the morals of the time when news such as terrorist attacks, presidential elections and political controversy are watched are unchanged.

I feel sick when I am walking on a hot and humid urban road and I feel a lot of population.

Everyone aims for a good university and a good company, because living on schedule can satisfy the carnal in society well.

I got sweaty so I ordered iced coffee at a coffee shop near the station.

I really wanted to use a cheap fast food restaurant but unfortunately I did not have a fast food restaurant nearby so I used a privately owned coffee restaurant.

It can be understood that the lives of people commuting by subway or bus are in a guaranteed state.

I think we should be aware that we are doing rat racing.

If we live in terms of fixed income and expenses, we just can not afford to think about global environmental issues.

If you increase the number of heating people, the heat generation rate will melt ice more and more proportionally, and it will become an underwater paradise on earth.

I felt disappointed when I saw a video of a car set on fire by a French strike and smoke in the sky above Paris.

They are causing strikes as the additional taxation of the French fuel tax lowers the living standard of the French.

The lives of French mothers and children are painful and they have to live in a more difficult living environment by tax increase.

I want to know what the top priority is on the French among various problems.

I think people around the world are aware that the current situation of the Macron regime dealing with problems one after another is difficult.

Still, everyone may be thinking first and foremost that they want to enhance their lives.

For them, food, drinks, songs, dance, movies, amusement parks and travel are more important than global environment.

If the temperature continues to rise even in humid Japan’s climatic conditions, many Japanese will live in a more difficult environment.

Even in a crisis situation, God may only regret regretting the creation of the world with human mercy that does not stop the party.

I feel that if I destroy the insatiable desire vessel and start over from the beginning of my life, I may be subject to punishment.

I’m adjusting the balance of intellect and sensibility by asking myself and thinking if my desires will be fulfilled.

I think that even after I die, the world will not change and the chaotic situation will continue until the destruction of humanity.

They can’t let go of their cars because they go to a picnic with their family next week.

It’s more important to drive with your family, scatter exhaust gases and enjoy life than global warming.

It’s more important for them to have a barbecue on a Sunday and enjoy the feast than their hungry baby bears.

The energy of carnality produces a child that is dedicated to enjoying life in the same way as the people around it.

They will tell me it’s unfair that only their own life abstains and suffers because the people around are enjoying.

It is not difficult to imagine the future of human beings traveling in Europe in the midsummer temperatures above 35 degrees.

Recently I often imagine that sometime people from all over the world will come out seeking an advanced land like Everest.

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