Climate changing and Birth



I feel physical pain when I see a picture that bleeds from the genitals and gives birth to a living body.

No one can explain the theory to a woman’s desire to have a child even with severe pain.

Can nobody explain the problems of the global environment to women who are sexually acted for emotional reasons and rejoice in pregnancy?

Nobody understands the people who are happy with the birth of moving life, and I can only see the background of population growth.

Recently, the global population has reached 7.7 billion.

The population of the whole world is predicted to be 10 billion by 2050, and it is increasing when we look at the demographics of most countries.

Italy and Japan are depopulated in major developed countries, especially in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Romania.

Nobody knows what will happen to the future life of life on Earth that is repeatedly regenerating.

According to rumor, it is said that the food mixture contains carcinogenic substances in modern people’s food in an attempt to reduce the population due to state secrets.

It is impossible to deny the conspiracy of a state secret organization contrary to the governmental system which is trying to promote population growth.

Today, hundreds of thousands of new human lives are born in various countries around the world, and we are trying to survive on earth.

We are aware that new problems are being born with the birth of new life, as people with longevity increase.

Old people who can not do economic activities live by relying on the pension premium paid by young people.

Unfortunately, our ability to contribute to the full stomach of the earth is to stop population breeding and shorten our lives.

I think that the price to taste the richness of luxury and convenience will end up in the end of the old life’s miserable living environment after all.

It will be painful to live forever, but even if you say it disgusting, you have to reconsider the contradiction of the human being who is afraid to die once.

In the human brain who feels sexual desire and approaches sexuality and acts sexually, it is ruled by animal instinct and there is no theory there.

I can not smile because I can not smile at the procession of kindergarten children doing excursions.

Will the future world of boys now be improved by the present adults and the global environment improved?

I’m looking for the urgent development of software while operating the factory in search of material richness as ever.

I would like to spit a newly developed product when I see a video of a coral reef being killed by climate change.

Should I explain global warming to the efforts of nurses waiting for delivery 24 hours a day, the efforts of obstetrics and gynecologists, and the love of a husband who holds the hand of a pregnant wife?

I am silently watching the progress of global warming while struggling.

Even if we look at global environment-friendly business development, we feel that we may not be able to live without generating heat on the ground.

Am I obediently blessed on a teenage mother, a teenage single mother, or a woman with an older child?

Just as nobody could imagine the advent of the Internet or smartphone more than 30 years ago, we can not even imagine the future 30 years from now.

However, if the global environment after 30 years is better than the current one, it would be dangerous to do hopeful observation, and we are avoiding the reality.

I am conscious not to forget the latest topics that are weathering, and I want to share information and problems on the Internet.

I understand that people who agree with my thoughts and ways do not exist on earth, but I want to retain the meaning and cause of human beings until they die.

Even if I feel loneliness, I am loneliness and not loneliness because there is a presence of loneliness.

I feel like God told me not to give up for some reason, and I use freedom to send justice.

The justice I think is strange and ridiculous for 99% of the people on earth.

I think that the final decision of the modern person is to live in the future of accepting sad fate and enduring pain.

A human society like a flock of weakened whales living in comfort will be a natural appearance, and we make love extreme with kiss and hug.

I think that the peace of mind of pregnant women living in New Zealand with free childbirth costs is related to the glacier collapse in Antarctica.

Is the mother sexually giving birth to make a mistake in making the impression of the birth of life stupid about the existence of a criminal?

The reason why I can not explain about my family structure elegantly is that I simply lose my own elegance simply by talking about the size of my father’s and mother’s libido.

There is depth in the content of human life who has no time to engage in sexual activities due to making something or economic activity.

My parents were fascinated by sexual activity while everyone worked hard to achieve their goals.

My brother has four people and our four brothers have had a tough fate that they grew up in a poor family.

The only thing I want to say to a father without love is that I feel comfortable doing sexual activity.

Why do women want to feel pain many times while knowing the pain in labor pain?

I think that my existence is recognized as a devil in the thinking of mothers who live with confidence with confidence that they are the happiest in this town.

It is not forgiven to give up childcare and to have unpaid childcare expenses to continue running toward the goal.

All fathers and all mothers must continue to pay their living expenses and expenses until graduation of their children, and they have a duty to become a lifetime guarantee.

I can not marry or marry because I do not have the financial ability and resources to pay for graduate school entrance fees and university study expenses for my own children.

At the moment of listening to the birth, the parents of the child and the earth can not but carry the hardship and accept the suffering and spend the life of sorrow.

I would like to give priority to contributing to society by making no profit activities by condensing the length of life’s hardships rather than the pleasure of ejaculation in a moment.

If we have the desire to enjoy life as much as we think it is certainly a pleasant idea and we can live better mood and do not have to solve problems.

If I only advise one to a person who doesn’t know how to live, then I will not do sex.

I still have to deny that I am impressed by the depiction of an emotional birth.

I wonder if the morals of the world looking down at unmarried people who live in loneliness are really right? I think that the change of times and morals are proportional.

I do not know that it is correct to become a kind advocate for a kind God who can not persuade people who will tell their dreams someday when they want a child.

Starving chicks should eat iron ignoring the pig in front of them, and being in stoic will support their independence spirit.

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