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Cloud Works

Conclusion It is impossible to earn a living by ordering on the Internet.
The only way to get a job as a freelancer is to run your own business.
However, there is no connection of the supplier.
It is difficult for someone who is not familiar with the industry to go freelance.
The end result is that you leave Cloudworks registered.

Creative activity while working part-time

I chose the right to challenge, compromising my life’s desires.
Do not have a longing for having a wife or child.
I don’t think we should get married unwillingly.
I think it’s okay to die without gaining high praise from the public.
No one can take the praise of others to the afterlife.
Everyone wants high praise from others to get a sense of superiority in their lifetime.
After all, I want to paint and I enjoy posting videos and blogs.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t earn as much as you like.
I want to end my life with complacency.
You may work with the lower class for lower wages for the upper class.
You just need to cover your living expenses, blog operation expenses and application expenses.

Advertising complaint is a lie

That catchphrase is a lie.
But later the people realize without telling the truth.
In the end, working down may mean living with a sense of justice.
Secular success creates human security.
However, human security creates laziness, excessive self-esteem, and lack of crisis.
Anyway, the world is made up of Tenjin.
The vulgarity of humans is making contradictory things on the ground.

Living quietly in the countryside

Even if you can get a job at CloudWorks, you won’t be able to earn long-term living expenses.
There is no theory that works well in a city like New York to make a good work.
I think it is best to work quietly in the countryside where living expenses are low.
Doing a bad job will solve the problem.
But for me life without purpose is more of a problem.
It feels good when walking on the countryside asphalt road.
No need to convince others to be convinced of the results.
There is no quiet countryside in Switzerland, but I am not dissatisfied with living in the countryside in Gunma Prefecture.
But the world is wide.
Dying without knowing this wide world is a very sad story.
The only place to spend the end of life is the countryside.

I do not recommend Cloudworks.
It’s a good idea to find a good job in the countryside and to focus on your creative activities and hobbies on a quiet country night after work.

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