A bartender

I recently remembered a movie called Tom Cruise’s Cocktail over 30 years ago.

Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors, starring in a film that portrays young people trying to succeed in the city.

The young man tries to find a job in a company with passion but can not find a job because he has no academic background or practical experience.

Start working as a part-time job for a bar that is in the middle of hitting a wall of reality.

I remembered the figure of a young man who studied at school in the daytime and worked in a bar at night and desperately trying to make dreams come true.

I actually moved to the city a month and a half ago and desperately wanted to find a job to do creative work.

However, like the youth played by Tom Cruise, I have a passion for me, but I have no academic background or practical experience.

I’ve been thinking so long ago recently that I’m not a person looking for a quick response.

At first we thought that it was important to gather information using the Internet instead of starting work immediately.

I thought that I should make appropriate decisions and actions based on my future prospects and my own potential.

In fact there is no guarantee that I will be a success like Tom Cruise I am committed to a realist.

I feel like I’m now at the crossroads of correcting the trajectory of my life because I can not find anything.

I’m trying to make a schedule by decomposing and reorganizing the knowledge that I had once acquired information and crossing it with the schedule several months ahead.

I’m thinking of becoming a bartender considering my own English listening skills, information gathering skills, moderate talk skills and patience.

We have to be careful not to go outside the frame of the world by discussing current events in a place that is valid for us.

What I am thinking about is the composition of future content of Youtube video and the amount of future income.

There is a limit to living and creative activities while making savings, and I need an immediate stable income.

I am trying to go to the convenience store and pay immediately as soon as the bill for the utility bill reaches my home.

I have been selling things for a few weeks to make my environment a stoic.

As I get information on the world’s events and accidents that occur one after another, I think of the human being’s tired appearance.

I can not forgive the explosion terrorism in Sri Lanka and I believe that I simply believe in God’s judgment.

As elections are taking place around the world, I am grateful for my status to set goals in freedom.

The appearance of Sri Lankan people who can not afford spirituality looks very brave in my financial difficulties.

I live every day feeling the dilemma that if I serve for someone I can be happy.

I think that the value of ideology in a crowded information society seems to be growing like bacteria every day and has a sense of crisis.

I felt that what was offered to people’s healing might be a cup of tea.

It is good to challenge the industry where the balance between supply and demand is good, and to achieve a human-like work that will not affect the future of AI.

Having misunderstood being slavery, I need to understand the greatness of accusing and serving me in the past.

I think I have to wait for the results of the document screening a little more and establish a policy to become a bartender next week.

The fact that I felt comfortable when I put ice in a glass with beautiful mountain water is an undeniable fact.

I try to have a healthy life rhythm by drinking bite water while watching a news coverage program that repeatedly sends information about the same event.

I think that there is no dramatic human change while checking the futures market and exchange rate conditions on an hourly basis.

What people want is physical pleasure and mental pleasure, and we always raise God to fulfill our desires.

Even if we try to find a job in the middle of the wilderness, God can not lead us to the small bars in the city.

If you can offer something with skype, you can improve your cost performance and I just have to wait for a chance in front of your PC.

While I do not know the result easily, I write articles, shoot videos and shoot photos to curb my feelings of immorality right now.

Even if you keep a defensive stance, you can never blame it, and its defense will eventually weaken and you will be attacked.

I’m not accustomed to making cocktails at the stylish bar counter in the West, but I’m giving priority to the disadvantages.

I may want to experience in the lively industry of Blue Ocean’s booming economy, to embody it and to be a souvenir story for the future.

I think basically what I have to think about is how to spend fulfilling days and securing my own important time.

The attitude of Tom Cruise, who has appeared in various Jeanne films and enjoys the challenge, stimulates my senses very much.

I have no need to restrict my range of activities in my limited life time, I think I will be the protagonist of a movie.

I am the protagonist of a movie, I have a life of a movie and I have to play the role of script and director myself.

Have you ever seen a protagonist in a movie that is always criticized and criticized for a protagonist in a funny movie?

I aim to be a singer / songwriter at around 20 years old I aim at a police officer at around 23 years age I aim at an oil painter at around 25 years old I aim for an oil painter at around 28 years old I aim for emigration at around 32 years I aim for a video creator at around 32 years old I’ve been given up because of the reality wall.

I can present video works, oil paintings and original songs on social media for my own purpose and without profit, and I never want to restrict my activities.

I think that it is okay to add an arrangement to the contents of life referring to the true story that the young man who was aiming for a singer accidentally entered the world of actors and became a successful Hollywood star.

I did not want to make money with my anxiety factor and I felt that I had to stay with me and I affirmed my identity.

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