Delicious brew!!!

Hand trip coffee

Need some items for making delicious coffee at home

  • Paper Filter
  • Dripper
  • Server
  • Coffee powder
  • Measure spoon
  • Drip pot which has narrow neck for setting dripper up

    1. They make a powder and into paperfilter
    2. Set up dripper
    3. The powder is 10g per 100cc or 12g per 120cc

    4. Allow boiled
    5. Turn the hot water on the whole
    6. After that it must wait 30 seconds for it
    7. Slowly churning towards the center of the powder
    8. Please repeat it in 3 munites


    Ethiopian cofee


    • A rich Fragrance
    • Excellent acid
    • Likely citrus
    • Wild native breeds

    The natural refinding coffee is dried in African bed for 15 days

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