Cold shower every morning

Cold shower every morning

I get up around 5 o’clock in the early morning and start working.
Cold shower in the morning is hot at this time of year.
However, it has the effect of promoting metabolism.
It doesn’t just activate the work in the body.
Taking a cold shower with a spirit has the effect of mental training.
It has the effect of making it easier to wear cold jean.
Antibodies are obtained by living without greenhouse tools such as heating.
She sings a cheering song while taking a cold shower to get stronger antibodies.

Cold water bath after cold shower

After taking a cold shower, take a cold water bath.
1.You can imagine a Russian bath.
2.You can feel the cold surface and the warmth of the body.
3.You can really get a gas bill under $ 10 in the morning.
I haven’t run or jogging lately.
However, cold showers have prevented obesity.
Basically, cold showers and cold baths are done once a day.
I would like to refrain from using bathing to save water bills.
So I feel that this kind of abstinence enriches my life.

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