Cold summer days

Cold summer days

Is it strange to feel anxious about climate change?
I am experiencing the world for the first time in July when the temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius.
People still own cars.
The temperature is definitely rising due to exhaust gas.
I’m watching the process of the destruction of the earth by the destruction of the human environment in the early days.
I am truly grateful to be able to experience the summer in Europe.
I can’t feel the ease of running due to the heat of summer.
Chills and dryness are a hindrance in the season when you can sweat most.

Gas costs less than $10

It is not necessary to use the air conditioner from this year.
Gas, electricity, and water bills can be saved.
This is all due to climate change.
Should I be grateful for this?
I started the habit of cold water showers and cold water baths a few months ago.
I was able to improve metabolism and reduce living costs.
The problem of water shortage in the country has been solved by the continuous rain.

Game over

It can be asserted that the seawater will rise and the land will sink.
The world economy will become more and more confused with the development of more powerful viruses.
The tendency of giving up rather than optimism or pessimism has begun.
Until now, various experts and myself have been alerting on social media.
But people have no feeling of self-sacrifice.
Conclusion I have no choice but to give up.

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