Foreign cultures


Foreign cultures

I am a principle without an umbrella.
Most Japanese use umbrellas on rainy days.
There seems to be a custom of taking a bath in the morning in the UK. But I do not take a morning bath except after a morning training.
Can understand the character of foreigners without patience.
I had experience working part-time in the service and hospitality industries in Japan. But you know it was just the stress of a customer service manual.
The part-time job at a Japanese restaurant is just a slave.
There are many Japanese who can understand the sensitivity of Westerners who tend to prefer the natural environment, but there are very few places in the Japanese natural environment.

Because the total population of Japan is 127 million, it is a country with a very large population relative to the land area.
Due to the large number of residential areas, the natural environment has shrunk.
I don’t watch Japanese TV shows, Japanese historical drama or anime at all.
I can’t be impressed with the Japanese quality, and it’s not a stimulating expression that feels stressed by Japanese expression.
For me who prefer a dynamic expression method, I can be impressed by American extreme programs and popular programs.
The temperament of East Asians is quiet and unobtrusive, so the expression is poor.

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