Commuting time


Commuting time

When I worked as a temporary employee at a metalworking place, it took up to 40 minutes for commuting time. I have not had an experience of taking more than an hour commuting time.

I would like to have a short time to commuting time and school time

As a measure against global warming I sold home appliances to a recycle shop. By eliminating products that emit greenhouse gases such as heated products inconvenience will occur in daily life, but you can enjoy inconvenience. If it is not possible to move, it will be inevitable to commute from the local to the city center for a while. The experience of commuting to a crowded train is not precious, but as a life experience it would be nice to have a salaried worker’s feelings.

Circumstances of a continental country of a car society

I do not see bicyclists or pedestrians near the border between the US and Australia. As car society, car insurance companies and refuelers will be profitable. The wind blowing from the running of the car becomes an obstacle when running along the national highway. I am interested in what kind of emotional tendency human beings feel when oil of finite earth resources disappears or when they are about to lose. When I go to go out to the garbage disposal place with garbage by walking in today’s morning I have no dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with the driver who drives the car swiftly. It costs expensive to hold the car and it becomes insufficient exercise and leads to injury and illness due to insufficient exercise.

Let’s dry outdoor laundry on a windy day

I washed the washing machine yesterday, so I wash it in the washroom but it is not bad experience. It is a good thing to increase human activity and washing hand washing will lead to awakening effect and somewhat exercise effec. It is difficult to dehydrate but now it is a strong wind season so if you dry the laundry outdoors it will dry in the morning. It is painful on the way home way along the windy national highway.

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