Company work is meaningless


Company work is meaningless

If you work monotonously, you will never get good results
I’d like to change my position to freelance or managerial over time
However, I understand the fact that it is difficult to live without working for the company
I know the rigors of reality and I think the situation is similar in countries around the world
I feel that foreign tourists in Japan are decreasing recently
After all, Europe and North America are in recession and there are few rich people in the world
I think I have to give ingenuity to get out of boring everyday life
Last year I quit the company and studied WEB for one year for self growth and self investment.
I’m still studying SEO and WordPress
After an hour and a half overtime every day, I was doing oil painting work and exhibited at the competition.
However, there are limits to creative activities and learning while working
Studying English and collecting information during breaks within 10 hours of restraint
However, I felt that I had to quit my job in order to step up myself in earnest.

I can maintain my life by working as a slave in the company, but I think it is a bad life

Surely I became a member of society and suffered from the problem that it was very difficult to study at school
I expected to move to the US and Europe, but I found it difficult
A few years ago I thought about ways to change my life
My answer is to make a year for WEB-related learning
Then I quit my job and bought a SLR camera, laptop or high-performance desktop computer using my savings.
Started learning the basics of the web using online learning and paid software
I was convinced that I could never grow up by working for a manufacturing company.
I think my colleagues in the company had no big ambitions or high motivation
I felt angry at a company that was so painful that I couldn’t work without killing my emotions
I felt angry at the president who is a manager in a comfortable office, but I felt that the barren discussion was meaningless
So I remember retiring without consulting my colleagues


If you live in the city, you can see various selfish people and vagrant people
I try to keep away from them as much as possible
I want to be close to challengers and highly motivated people
For me who can’t blend into the crowd, I feel that group activities are meaningless
When working in a fast food restaurant, the vagrant gets in and feels uncomfortable
A self-destructive person lives with a fragile spirit without working
Angry at an old man who lives in a house like a trash house and is feeding a pigeon during the day

I feel humanity is equal regardless of age

Is the difference between those who make an effort and those who do not make an effort, family environment, heredity, or luck?
There is a lot of work in the world and you can earn money
But I don’t want to work for a company
I have heard that people with extreme autism cannot socialize
But you can’t ignore social rules that you can’t live without

Several years of self-investment required to succeed

My brain stops thinking while working on social media
I believe that if you continue to sow the field every day, it will surely sprout somewhere
I think that it will be OK if the buds of success come out after several years of patience
But be sure to set a deadline to challenge
If you are struggling at a young age, you will always have a wealthy future.
I admonish myself every time I see a lot of old people in a fast food restaurant near an urban station in Japan

yasunari kayama

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