Competitive society

Competitive society

Every nation has a competitive society.
Everyone goes to college or graduate school to get a good job.
Humans who are brainwashed and obedient to society can have a comfortable life.
I’m just doing hypocrisy, not community service.
I’m at the bottom of society and I have to keep doing disgusting work.
I quit thinking about common sense.
Because he is convinced that insane way of life is a true way of life.
Other animal societies are also competing.
Losers become lazy in the presence of winners and losers.
Losers have to work for the winner.
I sometimes stop working and think about my intent.
I realize that stopping thinking is very dangerous.
Remembering the experience of disgusting work in the past can be offending.
There are many disgusting people in a disgusting work environment.
There is no hope in an environment where there are people who can not communicate with each other and lazy people.
So we need to get out of this bottom position.
Some perform unethical work and others commit criminal activity.
It’s all about getting out of the bottom of society.


Is life without a break good?
He has worked hard in the factory during the cold winter months.
I couldn’t stand doing the unpleasant work to maintain my life.
But that is the destiny of a human who lost in a competitive society.
We are always looking for job rejections.
Yesterday, I stopped by a rural factory to think about memories from the past.
The plant will be operational until December 28, with a weekly holiday from December 29 to January 4.
A holiday for only one week is a holiday for factory workers.
I remember going home without attending the loser’s feast in the bottom of society.

Hope of modern society

There is good news for losers in a competitive society.
We should abandon our past common sense and parental education and concepts.
Looking at the essence is the role of mental stability.
I am convinced that social media is hope.
The analog approach is nonsense, and I have no choice but to catch up with the times.
You should abandon the old method.
I could only feel pain when I was playing a person of common sense.
What you can believe is a solid theory.
I realized I had been educated and enslaved in spirit.

Things and actions to throw away

Entertainment consumption Restaurant Eating out

Joy, love, sexual activity, population growth

Perfume cosmetics brand back

Concert Ticket Idol Worship

Media media: fashion morals: interpersonal relationships

Alcohol, tobacco, artificial seasonings, carcinogens

Vehicles out leisure fossil fuels

Food stalls Food factories Celebrations Party

Open 24 hours New product New store

Credit card debt repayment

Advertisement Temptation Commercial Celebrity

Pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fish

Rabbit meat horse meat whale meat frog meat

Pesticides Genetical recombination Mass production

Plastic Surgery Beauty Magazine Gossip

Car motorcycle airplane cargo ship

Excrement fertilizer production trading

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