Complex that everyone has


Complex that everyone has

It is natural to feel dissatisfied with living a dilemma.
I am not interested in evaluating others.
Just thinking about the afterlife in a room without sound.
I don’t think it’s good to overdo the internet.
I’m not connected to the Internet to lose confidence.
There are people born with things that have a solid foundation in life.
And there are human beings born with bad things in the foundation and environment of life.
I am the latter.
The parts of my complex are poor looks, short legs, voice, home environment and family structure.
I had many times wanted to kill my father and felt angry at her mother’s laziness.
I was angry when I knew I was born as a lazy human child.

Home environment and judgment

I myself have created a catastrophic life and I think it’s a really dangerous figure.
I’ve only heard a company’s dismissal notice or report.
However, the jobs to date have been simple, low-paid jobs.
The person who lives with a rotten personality is me.
I think people should give money if they sympathize.
You need money to study.
But I don’t have the money so I can’t go to school and have to keep doing bad jobs.
There is no future prospect.
The complex is responsible for all the negative chains.
There is no regret for past decisions or decisions.
Because I’ve been keeping my mind and defending myself.
If I didn’t do martial arts in high school or middle school, I would have killed my brother.
And he may have killed his father, and he cannot deny it.

The meaning of creating silence

It is necessary to prevent external noise.
I think I need to balance my mind once.
So I stop working and find the essence of life in a quiet space.
I am careful not to even hear the ambulance siren.
I don’t know what is right, but all things and people have a negative side.
I don’t think the flow of life is always good.
She is exercising, drinking hot water and sleeping to make room for the complex.

Emotional expression

He is convinced to look for joy and excitement in his anger.
I think everyone is distressed by the lack of their own morals.
Human beings are formed by the events and changes in everyday life.
What do emotions mean?
I want to enhance my sensitivity.

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