Concept of foreigner


Concept of foreigner

The idea about different races, different countries and different cultures is wrong.
I’m thinking about human beings.
Thinking about human habits.
We recognize that it is important to always pursue the truth.
I understand that it is important to live in a crisis situation where I can not rely on anyone.
There was a reason for hope for whites and blacks.

Living in a single race state and drowning against multiple race states

Ok I clearly remember that I started to be interested in foreigners about 12 years ago and studied English.
So I may have been fleeing feeling unwell in Tokyo’s life and relationships.
I was a man who had been deceived in the world of a virtual image of a Hollywood movie after all.
Real whites and blacks have individuality, complex human relationships, troubles and suffering.
I felt that the nation with only fun things was America and Europe.

However, I got bored with foreigners and lost interest

First of all I am interested in the natural environment and the meaning.
And I think that there are not many people who travel abroad to get out of the world of pain in everyday life.
The lazy human thinking circuit that tries to escape from the mental hardship is bad.
I think it is important to work hard when it is difficult and I want to live positively with sincerity.

Virtual images of movies and music

It is useless to escape from the problems of tax liability, work duty and childcare duty.
I think that the root of the problem is human desire.
You will have a problem every time you meet your desires.
I think that it is only aggravating that over-drinking and over-eating wants to release from mental pain.
And also I really didn’t want to face the problem, and I felt trouble for things.
Older people working at fast food stores and gas stations.
Old people living in a garbage house.
Since I did not face the problem seriously I have to struggle later.
Lazy sin is the punishment to work in old age.

Parents who keep relying on people

Lazy father and mother
Parents live by relying on their parents, children, relatives and others
I think it is important to have a genuine attitude to support something with my own power
A lazy email came from my parents the other day
Anyway parents who have to struggle and struggle
Parents live alive from efforts, problems and troubles
I commanded myself to live by believing in my power without relying on the power of others
So having hope for a foreigner means getting away from reality and running away from problems
I was running away from the problem like my parents

What should we live in hope?

What is my next hope for me who lost hope for foreigners and foreigners?
Well I feel the pain of a coexistence society
I want to feel the wonder of coexistence and prosperity
I watch inspiring videos and music to heal a tired heart

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