Conditions of foreigners who can live in Japan


Conditions of foreigners who can live in Japan

1 Foreigners who can withstand moisture
2 Foreigners with skills to conduct economic activities in Japan
3 Foreigners who can endure some loneliness
4 Foreigners who can adapt to gaps in other cultures
5 Foreigners who can cope with the Japanese personality
6 Foreigners who can mimic Japanese behavior
7 Foreigners who have Japanese friends
8 Foreigners who can participate in the community with other races
9 Foreigners who like to interact with other races

Foreign activities in Japan without practical skills

Active as foreign talent in Japan
There are many agencies in Japan that have many foreign talents.
Models are not the only activity of foreign talent

1 A Japanese television program called Sekai kurabetemitara
2 A Japanese TV program called Naze nipponnnisumuno?
3 A Japanese TV program called You wa ninishini nihone?

Japan needs labor of foreigners

Japanese TV program with foreigner who lives in Japan

There is my favorite TV program and every time I do watching to enjoy this one.
The title is ‘WATASHIGA NIPPON NI SUMU RIYUU’. It means that why I live in Japan.

Please check it out → HERE

If you get Tokyo at first, you need to get to know about something Japanese condition.
So please feel free to ask me about it anytime.
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