I am not a competitor.
The rivalry behind the jealousy is a competitor.
I do not praise others’ achievements.
I feel jealous of the achievements of others.
There are many people who are better than you.
I can’t watch sports until the end.
I am out 10 minutes after watching a soccer game.

Don’t be a bystander, spectator or customer

Everyone wants to get attention.
It may be some kind of monopoly.
But short-term desires are a hindrance.
Always want to fight on the battlefield of society as a special warrior.
And I want to inspire the lazy public.
There are lines I hate.
It is another person. And you are yourself.
An excuse for the life of a stupid mother.
I have been envied by social heroes since childhood.
However, her mother did not allow her to join a soccer club or Shorinji Kempo.
He taught me to live lazy, ignoring others’ ways and activities.

Real competitors are insane

I think humans are vulgar creatures.
Politicians making difficult faces are also interested in the opposite sex.
I think that the challenger who wants to impress and impress people is the right way.
However, the intent of the heart is the greatest enemy and a hindrance to a true challenge.
I think it is important to beat that competition.


I turn on my PC every morning after thinking about my creative theme.
Then pour hot water into the cup and drink a sip.
He collects various social issues and interesting information and thinks about the theme of daily life.
Once you find that theme, you can proceed.
He has been producing groundbreaking paintings for four years, but it has ended with self-evaluation.
You don’t want someone else’s reputation, but you have a desire to impress someone.
The willingness of human activities has become vital in my life.
Since there is no answer in life, I can keep searching for the answer.

I can’t fit in the group

Jealousy inspires me to create.
So I realize that jealousy is important.
I feel stressed against specific competitors.
The only way to relieve that stress is to create a good creative work.
By making a work, my jealousy and innocence disappear.
I cannot ignore the cause of the jealousy, and if I ignore it, I can’t sleep without worrying.
You cannot stop your creative activities to keep you free from this suffering.
I cannot be a part of their group and have a good time.
He accepts the fate of continuing to compete until he dies.

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