Consciousness of one improvement and one improvement in one day

I do not want to waste my limited valuable life time
So I take care of the day
And I am conscious of one improvement and one improvement a day
Anyway, I am doing business improvement
On the other hand, I give up on human relations

I am thinking about the future and the past when I am walking on a walk at dusk
We recognize that it is important to sow seeds that will surely grow

I’m recently reflecting on my information gathering ability
I think I should improve my thinking ability more
Things do not go well
I’m depressed by spilling coffee milk on my laptop
I am annoyed that I can not hit the keyboard well

I am conscious of mind change in 5 minutes
The opposite meaning of love is jealousy
I’m thinking of throwing away loneliness when I think that I’m jealous has no love
Itching is a development of itching and it can not be obedient or unreliable
I wanted to start seeking love because I had to be more forgiving

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