Constipation prevention

Chilling internal organs in the body is not good for your health

Recently I ran a cycling road nearly 100 km by bicycle The physical condition got worse because it caused my body to cool down. It is very important not to cool the body by securing moisture at normal temperature during running. The stomach and the small intestine of the digestive organ in the body became dull and my stomach stiffened. The cause was not a cause such as excessive stress and eating habits, but it was a raw chilling body with a long aerobic exercise during the coldest period of time. I tried immersing in a hot tub but it was ineffective and eventually healed with a medicine on the market. As a modern disease I feel that I have a stomach hurt or I have joint pain all due to lack of consideration for my daily health. When aerobic exercise outside in cold season it is good to wear a hot gloves and wear gloves and we strongly recommend that you wash your hands after you go home. The gastrointestinal work has improved better thanks to taking medicine every day for the last few days but I thought that I really should be careful because there is a risk that if the gastrointestinal burden becomes excessive there is a risk of developing cancer. Avoid going outside as much as possible during the coldest period.

It is the best way to prepare lactic acid bacteria in digestive organs by preparing the ileum and preventing soft stools and constipation by eating yogurt. Vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber can help digestive organs and eventually you need to focus on healthy food first. If gastrointestinal weakness becomes sick, if you take medicine for about 2 weeks it will be effective so you better treat in the long term. By the way I am taking intestinal medicine and stomach medicine together and I improved a lot in the past few days. When I was young gastrointestinal etc was alright at all but I feel recently that body organs are steadily getting weaker each age. Anyway, first of all, as a matter of taste eating and afterwards eat dinner early and rest well in the gastrointestinal tract slowly to digest. Before a meal, be sure to eat a bite of yoghurt, then take a little hot water and have a meal to have effect. Because a solid solid food is a burden of digestion, alcohol is avoided as much as possible so that it is not eaten as much as possible. I feel that the unbalanced lifestyle of contemporary society is causing diseases of modern people through coverage. I think that the world’s number one longevity is a Spanish lifestyle hint will surely be a hint for how to maintain good health. I think the Spanish food culture and working environment are directly related to lifestyle. The country overflowing with junk food seems to cause disease, and even if you look at the statistics, the average life expectancy of such a country is short. I think that work-life balance is secured and it has free time and leads to stress-free longevity. Human activities and fulfillment that are fulfilling every day are human happiness and it is different from spending lazy every day by simply capturing freedom subjectively. It is no doubt that the balance between the spirit and the body will influence the good or bad of health. It means that fruitful actions will become seeds and that action will flower later. It is important to have an interest in human philosophy as well as medicine.

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