Contract employees work part-time


Contract employees work part-time

First of all a Japanese company has a contract employee system, but there is no actual contract renewal procedure.
Secondly I actually worked as a contract employee, but I understand that this is a poor system.
In the case of a student part-timer, there is a 20-hour work week regulation. And there is no obligation to join social insurance and there is no need to pay welfare annuity premiums.
However, contract employees have a very poor employment condition compared to regular employees.
Contract employees are part-time workers who are obligated to pay insurance premiums.

Disadvantages of contract employees

1 Collect employment insurance premiums from salary
2 Collect social insurance premiums from salary
3 Almost no paid leave
4 Hourly wage system, not monthly wage system
5 No annual leave

No contract renewal procedures are required for contract employees and temporary employees.
So the existence of contract employees who have to work in bad conditions forever is an auxiliary to regular employees.
You know contract employees must work overtime for long hours or go to work on public holidays for paid leave of regular employees.
If you simply want to earn wages, you should work in a high-level, short-term part-time job.

Full-time employees, contract employees and temporary employees are company slaves

The president of the corporation is a slave of shareholders.
Site managers and general managers are slaves of the president.
The subordinates on the scene are the team leader and the director’s slave.
The company organization continues in the pyramid class system, and the employees in each section work as slaves.
I am interested in the structure of a professional sports survival competition society.

Certainly, professional sports coaches may be sponsored slaves.

However, coaches and players are desperately working to survive because of the high rewards.
I feel envy for them because they have high vitality and motivation and have a high commission system.
Well a society with intense survival competition like the United States. And China feels more attractive.
A company that can survive simply by following the instructions of its boss is just a place of hell and cannot find hope.
Uhh I myself want to leave the Japanese company organization early and succeed in starting a business and continue to work freelance.
I don’t want to lie to myself or others. And I believe that everyone should be honest and confessing things.
After I worked as a contract employee for a year and a half. Well I was withdrawn from my boss on my retirement day.
That is because I lost my slave.
I have been in society for more than 15 years and have experienced full-time employees. And contract employees, temporary employees and part-time workers.
Job advertisements for labor class disgusting jobs are abundant in Japanese society.
That means seeking slaves rather than seeking employees.
Contract workers and temporary workers are the worst employment styles, and contract workers should find a job they like early and resign before studying at a vocational training school.
What I feel after experiencing the Japanese labor society feels that Japan is a socialist country. And that the Japanese ethnicity is socialist and does not fit the Western style.

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