Convenience store employee era


Convenience store employee era

He has worked in a 24-hour convenience store.
I work at a convenience store twice when I was 19 and 23.
He has been working at a convenience store for about two years.
The part-time experience includes a five-hour shift from 5:00 in the evening to 10:00 at night, a seven-hour shift from 6:00 in the early morning to 2:00 in the afternoon, and 8:00 in the evening to 1:00 in the middle of the night. 5 hours of shift time.

Simple tasks that anyone can do

Do I have to study at a college or vocational school to do cash registering jobs, outgoing purchases, and order entry?
Is it a very difficult task?
To be clear, it’s a job that elementary school students can do.
Anyway, I realized that I was giving time and getting low wages.
There was myself who was simply concerned about time while working.
I think it is a way of wasting precious time in life.
As I’ve said many times, I think that bad work should be done temporarily.
Monotonous work can make money immediately without the need for skills.
But there is always a trap.

Open 24 hours and global warming

In fact, transportation work is open all year.
Stations and airports around the world must continue to operate until closed.
Not only do I find the convenience of a 24-hour convenience store unnecessary.
Convenience stores are convinced that this is one of the causes of global warming.
The advantage of working in a convenience store late at night is that you have less work and more time to spare.
Actually, I know because I have worked in a convenience store late at night.
I realized that my time and wages had been redeemed.

Relatively easy relationships

People who work in the hospitality industry have relatively good interpersonal communication skills.
So there is less stress on human relationships than in the manufacturing industry.
It’s fun working with my aunt who works for a part-time job.
Still, there are times when we feel stressed in our relationships.
In every workplace, there is always a person who lacks interpersonal communication skills.
In low-paying jobs in a working-class society, there is relatively little stress on human relationships between colleagues in the hospitality business.

Time constraint

It is true that he had the feeling of being bound by time.
I worked at a convenience store near a hospital and a private apartment.
I think that the situation where you have to entertain a variety of customers at all times as a gentleman is harsh.
Occasionally someone is notified of a shift change due to a sudden absence from work.
And it’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can’t get out of your time bounds.
Many people resign from a company that has no business holidays.
Station staff.
Bus driver.
Can’t we shut down airports, train stations and convenience stores for just one day?
I can’t answer.

One of the criteria for classifying bad jobs is a business that has been operating for 365 days.
Factories and post office companies are not running 24 hours a day.
However, convenience stores must basically continue to operate except for emergency disasters.
I think that the advancement of AI technology will solve the problem of hard labor at convenience stores.

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