Cool Japan


Cool Japan

Ok There is a Japanese national broadcaster NHK program called Cool Japan.
And The content of this TV program introduces Japanese Cool.
So The cast is two hosts and a few foreigners in Japan
Various Japanese Cool themes change with every broadcast.
The opinions from the foreigner’s perspective are very fresh and interesting for the Japanese.
There is a homepage for this program and we are looking for appearances for foreigners living in Japan.
And the purpose of this program through satellite broadcasting is introduced in English to spread Japanese culture to the world.
The two hosts speak Japanese, but the foreign performers speak English.
Because it has English subtitles, it can be enjoyed by viewers around the world.

Japan Travel

I think it is very effective to watch this TV program to learn about Japanese culture and rare sightseeing spots before traveling to Japan.
I feel the need for this program is high in order to find out about the attractions of rare and unfamiliar places in Japan other than Tokyo and Kyoto.
There are many countries that broadcast such program contents in Korea and Taiwan.
It is a fact that foreign countries such as whites and blacks are rare for countries that are located in remote locations in a single racial country, and are interested in foreign countries.
Traveling to Japan during a time when the yen’s currency value tends to decline can save you money and enhance tourism.

Pacific Ocean

I think that Japan is a closed country because there are few neighbors in Japan with the Pacific Ocean next to it.
So I feel longing for the world every time I look at the sea on the coast facing the Pacific Ocean. Because the faraway country of the Pacific Ocean is the United States of America.
After all, Japan is a small island country compared to the continental state. And there are natural disadvantages if there is a record.
There are few Japanese who want to escape from Japan, and there are various styles.

1 Traveling to the US as a major leaguer
2 Go to England as professional football
3 Italy and France for cooking

Japan’s charm

1 Because it is a small country, transportation costs are low.
2 Foreigners are favored in Japan
3 Easy to find employment and visa is relaxed

Anyway, I think it is important to get local information before sightseeing. Economic activities or studying in Japan. I think Cool Japan is the best introductory TV show about Japanese culture, because Japanese private TV broadcasters don’t use English.

Here is Cool Japan’s website

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