Coronavirus that stops human desire


Coronavirus that stops human desire

To blame the coronavirus is to seek desire.
Some people hate the coronavirus because they can’t satisfy their desires.
They recognize the coronavirus, which kills frail humans, as dangerous.
I’m more scared of humans who have been seeking desires than coronaviruses, and they are harmful to the earth.
I call the coronavirus a god’s warning.
News that air pollution has been mitigated will not be disseminated.
It is true that some people are trying to boost the economy.
But I am the hero that the coronavirus saves the earth.
Evil humans are developing vaccines to kill heroes.
Why don’t you hope that a vaccine cannot be developed?

If a vaccine is developed

After all, humanity is destined to self-destruct.
If a coronavirus vaccine is developed, climate change will accelerate.
Now it’s an infectious disease and a food crisis.
Typhoons frequently occur due to rising temperatures, and it is inevitable that crops will be hit.
Due to poor harvests each year, the price of a cabbage is over $ 3.
Human beings are weakened in their willingness to solve problems that they cannot handle.
Even today, humans are still running trucks, having children, and in search of money.
If a vaccine is not developed, the stress of modern people will accumulate.
The chances of it triggering a war are not zero.
I see the human nature of the poor community.

What you can do now

I’m always thinking about art and philosophy in the afternoon.
He has a nature that he cannot live without thinking about the meaning of life.
If you continue to go against the system, you must actually change from your daily life.
Even if you simply request the government, it will not be realized.
If you execute it with haste, the dilemma will be solved quickly.

1.I’m thinking about what I can do now.
2.I think it’s always about being serious.
3.I am trying to strengthen my self-control by staying at home.
4.I am thinking about the world of death while looking at the clouds in the sky that I can see from the entrance.

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