I have never tried to cosplay before. Well I just having very curious for joining with cosplay. You know what I saying it over and again is that you should connect hobby with occupation. I feel like it will be able to connect doing cosplay with fashion design or fashion marketing business. In fact there’s public occupation in business world and many cosplayer are able to make money, business run.

American comic

it’s dangerous that to mimic famous and iconic thing or stuff for successful. I would say it that you need to have inspired and impressed from master pieces first. You see American comic’s company is make big money and spreading comic’s fans in this world. I am an oil painter and animation’s maker and so I do learning and watching their highly creations. However I also am impressed japanese animation’s creations and many foreign animation’s characters.


Actually I am not an employee of animation’s company. It’s so called freelancer as you know. I had never learned and been to animator’s technical school or public institution ever. My way to get skill is basically all by myself. So I am pleased you to watch cosplayer’s youtube channels. Their high quality and passionately can make you amazingly. I think all creators may being alone to make newly creations or evolutionary thing at home. Basically it has made by homemaker.

Good job!!
By Adobe

No kids

There are so many pollutions in dairy life. I already had decided to keep living this creator’s life-style. Please let me make you misunderstanding that I hate people. I do respecting general citizen’s sense of value as well as they do. Somewhat I can allow to obey the public way to live this society. But what I am not good at taking care of noise pollution by kids is truth. Need to own quietly environment to try best for creation.

Art has unlimited thing

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