Usual idea that it can be earn a lot by own hobbies of one.

It isn’t possible to working for living if you provide for somebody.

Then you are gonna be struggling to consider it that to choose one of plenty occupations.

Satisfied things, and also it will be improving current state as working is…

  • What?
  • Actor?
  • Singer?
  • Model?

About these jobs for all people is kind of ideally jobs I think.

  • So what do you do?
  • What I wanted to do as a professional is painter actually.
  • Eventually we need to acquire something sensational or especial way for success.

You know what the most important point of view is a relation between provider and consumer.

  • Look at people who once was famous intros world in past.
  • Let’s learn and watch their activities!!
  • And what is your future like?


The first time to know about word of cosplay in my country when I was about 23 years old.

This is an occupation that it shows people entertain by pictures or movie, or so.

In fact, there are so many people works as a cosplayer and I was surprised.

About business, as I explained, the point is an existent of consumer.

It will be consisting absolute business between cosplayer and their funs.

What do you say?

Being giver and being taker

Then you’ve driven crazing of create something for people who wants your thing.

Moreover add your creativity on your mind is become your motivation for your life.

What to give some happening, and people are always wanting surprising very much.

I am thinking about it.

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