Crazy believer Van Gogh

Crazy believer Van Gogh

I can understand the crazy feelings of Van Gogh.
That’s because I myself have been shunned by the church.
You can read the feelings of pastors and evangelism assistants through social media exchanges.
I read the Bible with all my heart and maintained an attitude of not interacting with anyone in the church.
But I didn’t want the church to be just a community place.
Realizing that the sacred place was the church, he joined the church with a stern look.
However, the surrounding Brazilians and Nikkei Brazilians joined the church with a relatively easy feeling.
I seemed to have used Christianity simply as a reason for their interaction.
And I was shocked that there were believers who sometimes sold sweets.
So I easily stopped trusting all the Christians.
It is the temperament of the masses that does not appreciate the dedication of the crazy believer Van Gogh.
Ultimately, he is disappointed with the masses who remain conservative.
I thought about what a genius and highly rare human being should be.
So I was laughed at without any sympathy from the people around me.

I’m a digital painter

2018 was the year when the old expression technique of oil painting was changed to the expression of the 21st century.
I also lived as an existence away from the surroundings as usual.
After resigning in 2018, he became a digital painter.
Now that I’ve made the final transition to video art, I haven’t forgotten the existence of the Christian artist Van Gogh.
And I entrusted the place of creative activity and the place to insist to the world of the Internet.
Although he has no career as a digital painter, he has been using Adobe’s illustrator for a year.
I participate in a community site for creators called Talent house.
Anyway, the fact that I was looking for a place related to art was my hope.
I thought about a fanatic mental state.
The very impatient nature is familiar to great men like Bruce Lee and Van Gogh.
I’m not used to being treated as an eccentric.
And I’m just looking down on the masses.
And since I realized that feelings towards the masses were a waste, I haven’t been angry with the masses.
I can only rely on art, the Bible and philosophical books other than attending the Paz church online church.
Continuing to deal with the digital world can easily lead to confusion.


I forbid religious conversations.
It can only understand and meet the commonalities of loving God.
I have been aware of theology for more than 7 years since 2013.
And I was able to make a very correct decision, and I was able to escape from the suffering of emotional ups and downs.
I’m approaching the age of 37 when Van Gogh died.
And I’m not going to make a choice like Van Gogh, who committed suicide because of unsuccessful things and financial difficulties.
There is also a theory that Van Gogh was killed by an accidental shooting by a child who was playing with a pistol without actually harming himself.
However, I feel God’s guidance toward Van Gogh.
I think of rationalism and skepticism that I learned from philosophical books, and I also believe in God’s teachings from the Bible.
But there is time to get confused by the unanswered questions presented.
It is not difficult to maintain a balance between Christianity and the life of art, but fatalism sometimes cries for the low value of one’s existence.

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