Create a new self by denying self


Create a new self by denying self

Something like self-esteem has narrowed our possibilities and we are afraid of being hurt.
I feel that overconfidence can cause disappointing results. I have to understand the meaning of success.
So I think it is important to listen carefully to other people’s opinions and change the dimension of life.
And then I think that the state of the process that is not finally reached is a happy state.
I think that the cause of accepting daily boring work forgiveness is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
After all, there is a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment at the end of work, and most people compromise on resigning.

I understand that there are many working people who can’t get out of this rat race

So what will create assets? I think that fixed assets, receivables and stocks make up assets.
However, it is difficult to overcome the current situation. Even if I have a life without trouble,
I want to worry, to be hurt and to suffer. I want to play a tolerant person legally on the stage of life.
And I have felt many things after experiencing a series of great mistakes.

I think the purpose of living is to feel something

I think the feeling of stress, anger, and sorrow is a bloody feeling.
And I started learning life philosophy when I was 31 years old.
There is no sanctuary for success and Bill Gates is no different from us.
It ’s not fun to be reluctant and I always want to pursue something.
There is a big difference between many of modern people’s values ​​and my values ​​because 99% of modern people are people who stop thinking and I’m the ultimate lonely person.
You can have a sense of fulfillment and expectation by feeling the daily evolution.
If I try to draw a microcosm of life, I can understand the mechanism of logical things and I don’t think it is controlled by emotion.

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