Creation of living things


Creation of living things

The existence value of human beings is equivalent to that of microorganisms.
The masses have less than microbial existence value.
If you can’t judge, you can’t survive.
And the life form that does not doubt all the information is a robot.
Robots that don’t think just move as programmed.
East Asians buried in a one-way educational environment are pathetic.
A life form with higher intelligence is a crow.
Everyone should be aware of the fact that they are imitating God’s creations.
It is difficult for living things to create sensitive animals.

Bacterial modern consumer human

What is the ideal way of a living organism that repeatedly wakes up and sleeps?
You want to get excited every day.
I want to show my respect as if the ants were working hard.
However, it seems that ants are not even aware of the existence of humans.
The Corona Festival is a joke for ants who are devoted to the work in front of them.
It’s someone else’s affair.
Bacteria do not come to my creations.
Bacteria avoid my sensibilities and values.
It’s a pleasure to see the dirty and ugly things go away.
If you can sympathize with bacteria, it will be evidence of bacterialization.

Think for an hour on a park bench in the afternoon

It is not good to slander others.
Anyway, a person who is quiet and devoted to his present life is happy.
And a modest life fosters a sense of fulfillment for human beings.
I was looking up at the sky while smelling the smell of the air in the city.
No one thinks in the park.
You’re probably enjoying video games and Youtube at home.
There is no merit in the creation of living things.
It may just be created to maintain self-satisfaction and self-affirmation.

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