Creation of Youtube and Instagram and so on

It takes no surprise that creative activities take time

I can understand a bit of the pain of creators who are thinking about making an interesting video every day.

People who have been repeating repeating simple tasks until regular times while feeling the time that flows monotonically every day are puzzled by creating jobs.

Humans do not have the potential to mass produce masterpieces every day, and they realize the power of humanity.

You may feel it again when you watch videos of Youtuber uploading Youtube videos almost every day.

It’s simply making a living by earning a living by publishing videos of the same style, genre and content in a trendy way.

I think that the groundbreaking works are once criticized by the public, and the pioneer is a sad existence that is not understood by the surrounding people from the beginning.

I myself can not make any interesting videos with my current budget, but plans are accumulated every day, but it is quite difficult to execute for economic reasons.

Gather information online at home every day and read celebrity blogs for tips on success.

I’m looking for a good idea, but I want to do something that no one has done without cost.

I’m actually planning to video shoot in Yoyogi Park this week and next Saturday afternoon, and I’m looking for co-stars.

If you plan to play in Shibuya this week and next week, please come and see me in Yoyogi Park.

I’m thinking of shooting videos that talk about meditation and views of life in the nature of Yoyogi Park, but I don’t know yet because the weather seems to be raining.

It is a fact that in my work I changed my mindset of being hired and just receiving orders.

Now I feel like I live every day with a keen sense of the difficulty of earning money by receiving an order as a private business in the net.

After all, it is very difficult to crawl in society for people who do not acquire achievements or education in higher education institutions like universities.

I can’t help but regret my growing home environment and my parents and relatives I’m looking only at the future so as not to look back on the past.

Eventually I don’t want to be rich but I don’t want to be convinced by the boring life.

There is always hope in a difficult situation, so I keep searching for new information every day.

I have never heard of top artists selling masterpieces every month and continuing to grow in wealth and fame.

When I’m tired of my creative activities, I think it’s best to take a shower, exercise and sleep.

I am self-enlightening that I should live 100% for my own happiness, ignoring the stories of surrounding success experiences, abandoning the competitive spirit.

After all I guess that it may be a kind of self-defense kind of self-defense that I say and repeat repetitive words every day.

Even if I can not break out, I tell myself that I should wait patiently for the result and get a chance.

The fact that you have been watching the news program for a long time and that you notice is that it only covers the same information material.

In other words, it is the same as uploading the same video as before to youtube because I can not make new one easily.

It would be for a mere life that you want to work because you feel uncomfortable with the work you’re at and you can just sell it.

I think that it will shorten the life of my creative activities if I can not do it while carrying SNS smoothly and smoothly.

Consciously I feel that I must be aware of the passage of time and that sleeping time may be a sign of death.

I feel like I’m always waking up dreaming of tomorrow, believing in certain courage and judgment in the crowded.

I feel like I’ve seen a similar scene and feel that I’m repeating the same thing and I’m a little disappointed with my lack of growth.

I was searching for a job interviewer ignoring buildings and the sky while walking on the hard ground of asphalt.

I am an artist, photographer, and adventurer who carries a heavy luggage, complaining while feeling the reality of the city.

Models, actors and singers who have continued to run on Main Street will eventually know the meaning of true happiness.

As we get older, I may have begun to understand that we are increasing the compromise and reducing the will of the challenge.

I think that I am desperately trying to save something in my heart and try to be an advocate for a sentimental young man.

Trained to stay upset in loneliness in the space of life left and not to disturb for the shortness of life.

If I feel in me the moment when the fountain of creation will die, I will abandon my dream and enjoy the life of the office worker.

Every time I cross a scrambled intersection in Shibuya, I feel the inconvenience of following my hometown and I suffer from a very unconventional anger.

It is important and important to stop working and refresh your mind when you have finished another job.

The thinking of the French working in Paris is always foreign, and I just want to forget the Eiffel Tower.

I decided to stay in Japan without giving up the illusion that if you change your place you will surely get happiness.

If I can migrate abroad under good conditions, I will be happy to try overseas.

The number of masterpieces that can make a genius like Michael Jackson is only a few songs, and 90% of the creation is nothing.

Things that seem like a flash are falling into our brain for a moment, and what we actively think of is boring.

When God knew the limitations of human thinking, like giving ideas to humans several times in my life, I stopped cultivating artistic sensibility.

Even if you do something that nobody has done, you will not accept the public and you will be sealed forever as a visionary masterpiece.

If the number of YouTuber subscribers and the number of playbacks do not match, the viewer will only register as a viewer without expecting Youtuber.

You can’t keep showing interesting videos every day, and you can’t keep going for a long time.

I’m not focused on finding a job because I decided to focus on short-term concentration and not earn a profit but to secure long-term profit slowly.

I understand that I’m going to put Asian people in the wrong direction and I take in the values of people who live voluntarily in my life.

There is a mountain in the life, there is a valley with a valley, it is flat, it can not be the flow of the life route which continues rising and falling.

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