Creative activities


Flow and philosophy of creative activities

  • I know that making good works over time and spending time slowly is different from production activities, but I know that I have to understand how the world works. I have a philosophy for things in my mind. Suppose that there is a factory that emphasizes mass production and a factory that adheres to good quality. Jaguar and Porsche, which are foreign cars with high brand image, are few in number. Korean cars and Japanese cars expanding their share in the world are never low as branded products. Inexpensive food that is displayed in large quantities is unpalatable and expensive caviar and foie gras of limited food are naturally delicious.

  • A cheap Porsche is nowhere, and a luxury car that can not be sold cheaply is a good quality masterpiece.
  • There are some bad songs and few very good songs in the selection of any top musician’s CD album.
  • Among the dozens of songs, several songs are called representative songs, and creating is a profound task.
  • I think it would be good if we could mass-produce high-quality, high-end products.

  • Action to get some hints

  • It is good to accumulate one’s own charm by seeking and being asked for love that sleeps well and sleep well. I am inexperienced in the method to express still more. I’m becoming sensitive to the change of art, and it is my current task to successfully embody my own claims.

  • Significance of polishing intellect
  • The atmosphere coming out from the inside without being particular about the superficial form will be important

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