Curry udon


Curry udon(noodle of materials of rice)

Recently, I have come up with a new inexpensive meal menu.
It’s potato, udon and curry powder.
Soup is essential to satisfy your appetite.
Avoid using gas because it saves, put potato, udon and curry powder in a hot pot.
Since the daily food cost is set at 10 dollars or less, the company aims to maximize the time sales hours.
I don’t have a commitment to food and I don’t feel like using a restaurant.
I’m not at risk of eating other people’s food.
There is no guarantee that the restaurant meal is free of filth.
I don’t know what’s going on in the back kitchen.
I feel the emptiness of paying for something warmed in a microwave or fried in oil.

Curry powder

I regularly buy about $ 2 curry powder.
Potatoes are always added to the menu because they are rich in fiber.
Like breakfast cabbage, one of the most important vegetables for me is potatoes.
The reason for buying dry curry powder is to reduce appetite.
Steamed potatoes, curry and udon are ingredients that suppress appetite.

Shopping list

Curry powder $ 2
Udon 3 bundles 1 dollar
Potato $ 2
Milk $ 2

I once ate a $ 5 kebab.
The reason I was able to eat $ 5 kebabs and crepes at the stall was because I was a company employee.
Like everyone, if you become a social gear, you don’t have to suppress your desires.
But I gave priority to challenge.
I drink a lot of water every day and don’t drink commercial juices.

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