Daily response to physical symptoms

Daily response to physical symptoms

I take medicine every day.
And I go to the psychosomatic medicine department of a psychiatric hospital every month and buy a month’s worth of medicine.
This is a very wasteful expense.
I feel that it is an obstacle due to the artist’s unique spiritual world.
There are three medicines.
Sertraline Tablets 25 mg
Protizolam Tablets 0.25 mg
Crothia zebum tablets 5 milligrams
I’m taking these medicines together.
So I take these before bedtime.
Anyway, I have insomnia, so my constipation gets worse.
Symptoms such as occasional palpitation also appear.
An uncomfortable state close to tension occurs.
Previously, around September 2013, I had symptoms of throat discomfort and frequent nosebleeds.
This is a mental illness from an individual’s personality that is not stressful.

Fruits, vegetables, grains and medicine

What you put in your mouth is mainly fruits, vegetables, grains and medicine.
I want to live with the burden on internal organs kept to a minimum.
And I think it’s best to have a life where you concentrate on your work and creative activities.
One dollar of citrus, vegetable juice, bread, yogurt and medicine are my staple foods.
I’m proud that my rejection of processed foods like ham and hamburger is the best in the world.
One meal a day on weekdays and one and a half meals a day on holidays.
Consideration is given to having lunch and setting the hunger time to 24 hours to rest the internal organs.
This is for my creative activities.
I think the root of illness and injury is diet.

Appearance of physical symptoms

Discomfort of residual stool
Stiff shoulder
lower back pain
Discomfort in the lower body

I have been suffering from these physical symptoms since 2013.
The discomfort and hatred of someone inherent in me causes mental illness.
I deal with physical symptoms through art, creation and exercise, but medicine is the most effective.
It’s an ironic story.
It is thanks to consideration for mental illness that we can have a healthy diet in response to constipation.
I had an endoscopy of the large intestine in September 2021.
The test result is normal.
According to my doctor, my illness is irritable bowel syndrome or autonomic imbalance.
However, the doctor in charge of psychosomatic medicine talks about physical symptoms.
There is no doubt that I have a mental illness anyway.
I live a single and lonely creative life.
That is not the cause of physical symptoms.
The cause is part of the essence of my personality.
Human personality can be changed by changes in the surrounding environment.
However, I prioritize creative activities over physical symptoms.
Surviving in modern society with a mental illness is surprisingly fun.
I think that the monthly cost of oral medicine is the cost required for creative activities.
You cannot change your own likes and beliefs by society.