Daily schedule


Current daily schedule

1 wake up at 5 am
2 awakening 5: 3 am
3 Get out of the futon 5: 4
5 bedrooms going to dining from 4 bedrooms
Use the fifth medicine 5: 5 am
6 go to the bathroom 5: 6
7 Post a blog post 5:10 am
8 Check the operation of your blog site and other blogger articles 5:12 am
9 check email 6 am
10 Check Yahoo News 6:30 am
11Check the exchange rate 6:35 am
12Youtube video check 6:45 am
13 breakfast 9 am
Drafting of 2 articles for 14 blog articles 9:10 am
15 shopping noon
16 draft of 2 articles of the blog post again making 1 pm
17 shooting and editing of footage 3 pm
18 questionnaire answers 5 pm
19Youtube video viewing 6 pm
20 dinner 6 pm
21 meditation 8 pm
Gathering information on 22 Google 9 pm
21Youtube video browsing 9:30 pm
21 reading 11:30 pm
22 bedtime 12:15 am

Previous painful day schedule

1 wake up at 5 am
2 commuting 8 am
3 work 8:30 am
4 lunch break noon
5 Resume of work 1:00 pm
6 Overtime 5:30 pm
7 come home 8:00 pm
8 Shopping 8:30 pm
9. Creation of oil paintings 8:45 pm
10 dinner 9 pm
11Youtube video viewing 9:15 pm
12 English study 11:30 pm
13 bedtime 1 am

My previous life cycle was every day of the vicious circle and I suffered depression and was breaking the gastrointestinal tract.
I worked for over 10 hours every day while creating art.
There was no time in my days with my anarchic coworkers I just looked up at the sky.
I remember clearly when I finally went to work on Saturday and I don’t want to go back to the past anymore.
Having hoped to foreign countries with hopelessness and disappointment, I worked hard for 4 years and approached my goals.
I do not need any more self-enlightenment books and I am expecting a new life next week while remembering the past painful experiences.
Recently I wake up a lot every morning and I always feel mental damage.
We may be desperately trying to find rewards in the routine of the day.
When I watch news programs all over the world every day, the contents of most of the news are only political turmoil, global environmental problems and murder cases.
Every night I feel sad and erase the information medium and ask myself questions.
I think that we should live while recognizing that human beings will eventually die.

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