The price of Japanese drugstore products is cheap

Last night I went shopping to my nearby drug store
Eight loaves of bread were sold for 5 cents
Vegetables and noodles were sold for under $ 1
For me living on $ 5 a day with food, using a drug store is essential

100 yen shop & Daiso

Japan’s 100 yen shop is very convenient
The Japanese restaurant, Daiso, has expanded overseas and has stores in countries other than Japan
Anyway, a variety of goods can be bought for less than 1 dollar, so a 100 yen shop is convenient
The famous Hollywood actress Angelina jolie and her daughter used the American Daiso the other day
There is a Daiso store in Little Tokyo in the US

There are various convenience store chains in Japan but there are no cheap products
However, I personally can not be recommended to continue using cheap food containing additives
It’s not bad to buy food at drugstores and 100 yen shops for a certain period of poverty life
I still want to eat natural additive free food

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