Daria Bilodid


World Judo Championships

Featured judo players this year

Daria bilodid

Daria bilodid 48kg UKR

Malinda kelmendi

Malinda kelmendi 52kg KOV Rio olympic gold medalist

Primo gaffen

Primo gaffen 52kg ISR

Odette giuffrida

Odette giuffrida 52kg ITL Rio olympic silva medalist

Telma monteiro

Telma monteiro 57kg POR Rio olympic bronze medalist

Agbegnenou klulis

Agbegnenou klulis 63kg Rio olympic silva medalist

My female athlete player type is Odette
I support Telma because it is the same age as me
Agbegnenou is also my favorite type of woman
Black female players are beautiful and strong

However, there is a strongly player I hate
professional players who are obsessed with winning and losing are cool

Here is Judo website


Daria bilodid’s →instagram and →twitter

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